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Our Habit

Liturgy-5591When the Crosier Order was founded in 1210 during the Middle Ages, people paid close attention to the symbolic nature of clothing. Thus, the first Crosiers designed their habit to be a highly visible statement of the community’s religious values.

The Crosier Cross is the most prominent feature of the habit. This uniquely shaped cross is the crusader cross worn by soldiers to identify themselves as Christians. The red represents the blood and the white represents the water that flowed from Jesus’ side after his death on the cross (Jn. 19:34). While the red reminds us of our devotion to the Eucharist and the water recalls our baptism, the red also represents suffering while the white signifies the glorification that follows.

We typically wear our habit for liturgies, including conventual Eucharist and morning and evening prayer, at Crosier gatherings, and other special events.

We Crosiers take great pride in our habit, aware that it represents a way of life that is faithful to our Order's charism of community, prayer, and ministry.