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ekLAYsia Programs

ekLAYsia is a program designed to empower lay people to step up to new responsibility in today's Church by

  • Deepening lay ecclesial identity and spirituality, including acquaintance with the Church’s Canon Law as it relates to the laity.
  • Developing skills for discernment, communication, negotiation, conAlict resolution, strategic thinking and resilience in serving.
  • Engaging in a field project guided by mentors to design effective strategies for meeting personally experienced challenges in exercising Church responsibility.
Led by Crosier Fr. Bob Rossi, osc, who, with a team of prominent lay Catholic educators, lay ministers, community organizers, business people, political
leaders and other professionals, designed a year-long program focused on lay identity and competency for effecting change in the Church.
Program presenters include lay and clergy theologians and Catholic educators, spiritual directors, Canon and civil lawyers, community planners and experts in communication, negotiation, strategic and conflict resolution.
March 6 & 26 -- Discernment I: Larry Vuillemin Discernment II:  Tricia Hoyt 
April 8 & 26 -- Lay Spirituality I: Phil LoCascio Lay Spirituality II: Fr. Rossi, osc 
May 6 & 10 -- ConLlict Resolution: AJ Arvizu, III 
June 1 -- Canon Law:  Fr. Art Espelage OFM 
June 14 & July 8 -- Negotiation I & II:  Denis Leclerc 
Aug. 2 & 16 -- Strategic Thinking:  Mary Permoda 
Sept. 7 -- Field Project: Rubio/Mattson/Hoyt            
Oct. 4 & 18 -- Project I & II:  Rubio/Mattson/Hoyt 
Nov. 8 & 22 -- Project I & II:  Rubio/Mattson/Hoyt 
Dec. 14 -- Resilience:  Fr. Bob Rossi, osc 


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Fecha del evento: 05-06-2019 6:30 pm
Fin del Evento Fecha: 12-14-2019 9:00 pm
Ubicación Crosier Village Campo Family Resource Center
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