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Fr. Kermit Holl, osc

Fr KermitWhy did you join the Crosiers? I joined the Crosiers because our charism of community is the "encouragement" I need to serve well as a religious and to turn my heart and mind to God. Were I not implicitly held to the expectations of our life together, I think that I would drift much more without focus and dedication. My confreres help keep me on track and on task toward God.

How do you find life and meaning in living your vocation as a Crosier? I have been a Crosier now for 29 years. When I was a younger member, I found meaning in all that I received from the community—such gifts as camaraderie, opportunity, laughter, housing, and work. I was thankful for the "platform" that being a member of this ancient Order provided me to do things and have access to things and to serve the Church. However, as I've aged, I have also come to find life and meaning in all the "costs" that Crosier life requires—really striving to lose myself in service, trying to let the life of Christ increase in me while I decrease, accepting the challenges and surrendering made real as people of the Cross. I find meaning in trying year-by-year to give my life over to God. Somewhat surprisingly, this generally isn't met in large matters or moments but in our day-to-day desires and activities, and keeping watch for these little revelations is a constant, intriguing task. Such a life is very meaningful. I am a better person because through my Crosier vocation the Spirit has chipped away at my arrogance and judgment and helped me become more a person of patience and compassion. Thus, even though it is always a challenge, I find life and meaning in ways large and small whenever the Spirit lessens my ego and makes me more intent upon God. That is God's grace to me.

My ministry: I am the prior (superior) of the Crosier Community in Onamia, Minn., a house of 32 members. As prior, I serve ex officio on the formation team as the local postulancy director and in province leadership as a councilor to the prior provincial. My ministry as prior includes the care—both temporal and spiritual—of the religious life of my confreres, our living of the Crosier charism and our vows, as well as care for the management and practical details of such a large house. Over the course of a day I often will work on finances, personnel, fundraising, public relations, liturgy, and with the local Church and other religious who live and serve in the Diocese of St. Cloud. Being prior is almost always an interesting and rewarding ministry for me, and I am glad for the opportunity to be so engaged with Crosier life and our service to the Church. I always learn a lot!

Born and raised: I was born in Richfield, Minn., a suburb of Minneapolis, the tenth of eleven children born to Rosamer and Dolores Holl. I went to Crosier Seminary High School in Onamia, following the path of my three older brothers, all of whom were called to the vocation of marriage.

Home parish: The Church of St. Peter in Richfield, where I also attended grade school.

Hobbies and interests: I enjoy getting out on foot or bicycle on the Soo Line Trail that passes by our Priory, keeping up on current events, and engaging faith and theology with the questions of our day. I like thinking about life and searching for God. I enjoy visiting my family and traveling, a lot of which I do in the course of my serving as prior. I also enjoy the gift of great fraternity at table and a wonderfully prepared meal.

Date of Profession: August 28, 1985

Date of Ordination: June 9, 1990

Crosier Community of Onamia
P.O. Box 500
Onamia, MN 56359
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