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Prior Provincial Tom Enneking, osc

Prior Provincial Tom Enneking, osc

Fr. Tom Enneking, osc, is the prior provincial, the religious superior of the Crosiers in the United States.


The story is told that composing new music was not an easy task for Joseph Haydn. He was known to spend days and weeks in intense prayer upon receiving a commission for a new symphony or piano concerto. His prayer was focused on his desire to be inspired, to receive a gift of the Spirit, to create out of the silence of his inner depths music to touch the soul, music to feed the spirit, music to express beauty. His incredible corpus of work is a testament to his openness to the inspiration he so desired in order to bring forth beauty in music.

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Br. José Velázquez, osc, professed his first vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience on August 28, 2013, the Feast of St. Augustine. Fr. Tom Enneking, osc, prior provincial of the U.S. Province of St. Odilia, delivered this homily on that day.

God’s ways are not our ways.

Who would have thought
•  that this day would arrive?
•  that a young man living in the heart of Mexico would have such a deep devotion to the Holy Cross that he would literally search the globe for a way to live a religious life with the Cross at the heart of it all?
•  that he would find what he was looking for in a religious community just to the north of his home country?

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