Crosier Religious Formation

Dear Friends, 

Your prayers, friendship, and support have blessed us and we are very grateful for all of these blessings, for we could not be servants of the Church without all of your kindness. Your support of this very important need enables us to prepare our young Crosiers to serve the Church. With your help we will meet our formation budget needs for the year. A gift that speaks from your heart, no matter the size, will make a tremendous difference in helping us prepare our new Crosiers for ministry.  

How Your Gift Makes a Difference:

      • Your gift supports young men in Crosier Religious Life formation and priesthood studies throughout the world.
      • Your gift provides a solid education in scripture, Catholic tradition, church history, theology, liturgy, and spirituality.
      • Your gift prepares the next generation of Crosiers with practical knowledge to lead vibrant ministries.
      • Your gift nurtures spiritual formation through worship, prayer, and faith sharing.
      • Your gift assists our efforts to identify, guide, and invite young men to consider a religious vocation.
      • Your gift ensures the worldwide development of Crosier leadership to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ for generations to come.

For more than 800 years, we Crosiers have lived by the Rule of St. Augustine and reached out to our brothers and sisters most in need by sharing with them the joyful hope of the Cross. You have the opportunity today to share in this positive impact on the future of the Crosier Order and the Church. 

Please join in this investment of our young Crosiers in formation and support them with a generous gift. They are the hope of our future!
We ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to Crosier religious formation. Whatever you are able to give is greatly appreciated.  

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