The Crosier Village of Phoenix 


Crosiers South Site 026 Phase I Modified no modular housing



Serving those in need has been the Crosiers' primary focus for centuries. To help them continue and expand this service to the community, Church and world, the Crosier Village of Phoenix corporation was established. The corporation purchased the historic South Mountain Community Church and its accompanying facilities in South Phoenix in 2016. Here, the Crosiers have established a permanent home at 717 E. Southern Ave.  

With a capital campaign resulting in nearly 300 charitable gifts, the Crosiers were able to substantially expand services to the local community where they are needed most. 

Necessary improvements to the facilities began in August 2016 and are now complete. The Crosiers have been in residence since mid-June 2017. Campaign Co-Chairs Nancy Knight and Mark Spaulding, with the able assistance of an outstanding cadre of volunteer leaders, paved the way for community support. 

Designed for use by the entire community, the Crosiers conduct their programs and ministries in the following facilities:  

  • Priory Church of the Holy Cross. On the corner of 7th Street and East Southern Avenue, this historic church was built in 1944 and can accommodate 100 individuals for daily worship. Antique bench pews add to the intimacy of the setting. With cosmetic improvements and minor repairs to the church, choir loft, narthex, sacristy and liturgy and music room, the Crosiers have established a spiritual community and are building a wonderful place to worship as a faith community. 
  • Campo Family Community Resource Center. With 3,000 square feet of public meeting space and a catering kitchen, the Campo Family Community Resource Center offers essential space for Crosier programs including retreats, immigration classes, veteran services, spiritual direction classes and various local gatherings. The hall accommodates around 200 people. 

An adjacent two-story wing with 5,760 square feet provides office space for the Crosiers, staff and partners, spiritual direction rooms and program-related space for immigration services, veterans’ programs and other ministries.  

In partnership with other reputable nonprofit social service organizations, the Crosiers offer a broad range of onsite, professional services to the local community. St. Joseph the Worker will provide employment services and is dedicated to removing barriers for those seeking jobs where they can earn and sustain respectable wages. Valle del Sol intends to offer behavioral health services on a regular basis. The Crosiers and Companions of the Holy Cross staff a food pantry at Roeser Village, a Foundation for Senior Living complex for low-income seniors. Cresciendo Unidos offers occasional programmingto strengthen the emotional and affective health of Latino families.

  • Holy Cross Priory. The priory is where members of the Crosier Community of Phoenix reside. The community life of the Crosiers provides the foundation for the many forms of service offered through Crosier Village Ministries. While the residences onsite are adequate, expanded housing will be needed to accommodate additional Crosier priests and brothers and guests in the future. In years to come, it will be necessary to construct a priory that consolidates the living quarters of the three existing houses. 

Crosiers Touch Suffering with Hope

These words have shaped the life of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers since the Order was founded in 1210. The Crosiers, who number approximately 350 internationally, are called to embrace and proclaim the Cross of Jesus Christ through lives of community, prayer and ministry to help the people of God find hope.  

While the Crosiers’ international headquarters is in Rome, thriving Crosier communities exist in Europe, Africa, Asia and South and North America. For more than eight centuries, the Crosiers have manifested a unique and special culture, and they are often referred to as holy, approachable, down-to-earth, bright and caring. Other words that come to mind are joyful, musical and vibrant; they are viewed as humble servants. Having taken a vow of poverty, Crosiers have created a non-materialistic fraternal community in which they go about their daily lives in service to others. 

The U.S. headquarters of the Crosiers is in Phoenix. Theirs is the only religious community with national headquarters in the Diocese of Phoenix. They also have a significant presence in Onamia, Minnesota, where the Crosier priory serves as an active and dynamic hub of spiritual life in the poorest county in the state. 

Since 1984, Phoenix Crosiers have been actively serving the Phoenix area in the following ways:  

  • Celebrating Mass and assisting many parishes throughout the Valley
  • Providing hope and counseling in Lower Buckeye, Durango, Towers and Fourth Avenue jails
  • Serving Alzheimer’s patients at Huger Mercy Living Center
  • Assisting residents at Ridgecrest Healthcare, a skilled nursing facility
  • Expanding spiritual programs to veterans suffering from depression and isolation
  • Offering immigration services including six-week citizenship classes conducted five times each year and assisting with the coordination of pro bono legal services
  • Helping to stock and staff the Roeser food pantry
  • Offering spiritual direction, retreats and parish missions throughout the Valley
  • Conducting healing Masses in concert with the intercession of St. Odilia, patroness of the Crosiers and intercessor of the blind and afflicted
  • Collaborating with the Diocese of Phoenix to provide adult education in Catholic identity, ministry formation and multicultural ministry through Crosier Village Ministries 

The construction of a consolidated priory and other property enhancements will take place at a later date due to historic preservation limitations in place on the property.   

The Crosier Village of Phoenix is established in the heart of a broader community, modeling goodness and godliness. With a rich variety of programs for the community and Church, it stands as a sacred place in the midst of the busyness and concerns of people’s daily lives.
Ongoing support from all friends of the Crosiers is essential to the growth and sustainability of the Crosier Village of Phoenix. Thank you for being part of what is a healing experience for all!



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