Be an integral part of our Crosier life and mission by becoming a member of the Crosier Apostolate!

Apostolate members share the Crosier call to discipleship and proudly display their relationship with the Crosiers by wearing their Crosier Cross lapel pin. Apostolate members regularly gather with Crosiers for prayer and social events.

As an Apostolate member, you

• are invited to important Crosier events
• receive a Crosier Cross lapel pin
• receive our quarterly newsletter, Crossview
• are remembered in our daily prayers and Masses
• will be added to the Crosier Book of Life at the time of your death, and you will be remembered forever in the Crosiers' Masses and prayers.

Regular monthly or annual financial contributions from Apostolate members are a major source of support that sustains our Crosier life and ministries. Your annual contribution of $100 or more ensures your membership in the Crosier Apostolate.

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