Annual Solemn Novena to St. Odilia

St Odilia

Dear Crosier Friends, 

This is a beloved Crosier prayer. I'm blessed to share it with you.
St. Odilia, clear-sighted woman, help me see with my eyes, my heart, my mind and my soul. Show me, St. Odilia, in this world of mystery and grace, how to look daily upon the face of God.
Oh St. Odilia, show us how to see. For nearly eight centuries, this beautiful, yet largely unknown, saint has been the patroness of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers. St. Odilia lives in the Divine Presence, seeing clearly her Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ. She invites you and me to become "clear-sighted" men and women "in this world of mystery and grace."
Since 1287, countless miraculous healings have been attributed to St. Odilia’s powerful intercession. In that year, her relics were brought from Cologne to the Crosier motherhouse in Huy, Belgium. Along the way, miraculous cures of blindness, paralysis, and other bodily infirmities occurred! From that time until now, similar healings and miracles have been bestowed upon those who implore her intercession.
You have long been a true and faithful friend of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers. I invite you to join us in praying our Annual Solemn Novena in Honor of St. Odilia. Please feel free to also download the Novena prayer leaflet here so that you can pray with us. 
The Novena begins July 10 and continues through her feast day, July 18. The Crosiers will pray the Novena at her National Shrine in Onamia, Minnesota, and at our Crosier priory in Phoenix.
Let us join our prayers together through St. Odilia’s intercession for the grace of comfort and healing as we continue our journey home to our loving Lord. And let us pray not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones in need of healing and prayer.
Please take a moment to write your intentions in the Comment Box of the donation page and pray with us during the novena. The Crosier Fathers and Brothers in Onamia and Phoenix will remember your intentions on each of the nine days of this Annual Solemn Novena. 
I invite you, if you are able, to join us for a special Healing Mass on Sunday, July 14, 10:30 a.m. at the National Shrine in Onamia and at 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. at Crosier Village in Phoenix. Those who are present will receive the ritual blessing with a relic of St. Odilia. (A brunch will follow the Mass in Onamia for those who RSVP.)
The Crosier Fathers and Brothers are honored to pray for you and your intentions, all through the year, but especially during this annual Solemn Novena. Would you please consider a generous gift to support the work of the Crosiers in our ministries and in our consecrated religious lives?  
  • For a gift of $20.00 or more, we will send you a beautiful silver-plated St. Odilia medal
  • For a gift of $48.00 or more, we will send you "Music in Honor of Mary, Mother of God (Vol. 1 and 2)" music CDs
  • For a gift of $70.00 or more, we will send you the St. Odilia anniversary medal in sterling silver 
St. Odilia shares her victory in the Cross of Christ with her friends in this world. Join with the Crosiers and all the faithful who share in the power and grace of that same Holy Cross. 
Will you join in this Annual Solemn Novena in Honor of St. Odilia? Will you follow the example of this clear-sighted, holy woman and implore her powerful intercession? 
The Crosiers look forward to praying with you and for your intentions throughout the Annual Solemn Novena in Honor of St. Odilia. 
May St. Odilia help us to see with our eyes, our hearts, our minds and our souls! May the healing power of St. Odilia’s intercession come to you and those you enroll in this Solemn Novena.
Sincerely yours in the Holy Cross,
V. Rev. Thomas Enneking, osc
Conventual Prior
P.S.: Please send your intentions in the Comment Box of the donation form by July 10. If you would like to receive one of the blessed St. Odilia medals or the two CDs of Marian music, please check the box on the enclosed slip.
P.P.S.: If you’re planning to attend the Healing Mass and brunch in Onamia on July 14, be sure to indicate that on the reply form, or you may call 320-532-3103 before July 7 to RSVP.
Please remember the Crosier Fathers and Brothers in your will.