Lenten Faith Offering

Dear Crosier Friends, 

You and I celebrate Mystery. You and I hold fast to the Mysteries of Faith although we cannot fully understand. You and I believe God sent His Son to become one of us, one with Crosiers A Way ofthe Cross Booklet Part1 2019us, to die on a cross for us.
You and I believe that death has no lasting power over Jesus. You and I believe Jesus rose from the dead, ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father in glory. These are the Mysteries of our common Faith. You and I live in their light and joy. In them we find strength and, indeed, our very salvation. 
I’m sending you a special gift for this holy season of Lent. Our Crosier confrere Father Ernie Martello, osc, wrote the enclosed scriptural "A Way of the Cross" booklet exclusively for friends like you. It is inspired by our Crosier way of life for those who support our Crosier Religious Life. 
The Crosiers are the Order of the Holy Cross. The Cross of Christ is our banner and our strength, our light and our joy. Throughout our 800-year history, we Crosiers have sought to unite ourselves with the outcast, the suffering and the poor, for they share deeply in the sufferings of Christ. We strive to walk with them and lighten somehow the crosses they bear. 
It is my prayer, and Father Ernie’s prayer, that this Crosier Way of the Cross will carry you spiritually during this Lenten season. May it enrich your faith and enliven your compassion for our sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus, especially for the poor and the outcast. 
Along with this special Lenten gift, I invite you to send us the intentions which are most pressing on your heart today. Will you honor the Crosiers with the opportunity to carry these intentions with you?
Just as Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry his Cross, the Crosiers desire to help you bear whatever crosses have come into your own life and into the lives of those you love. How generously and faithfully you have helped us bear our own crosses. Your support helps our elderly and infirm Crosiers carry their crosses in their senior years. 
Your support gives strength to our newly ordained priests and encouragement to our young men in seminary and religious formation. They are our hope for the future of the Catholic Church. Your support sends forth and sustains Crosiers into active ministry in the United States as well as in the growing missions in Congo, Brazil and Indonesia. Today, there are 112 young men in formation aspiring to be Crosier priests and religious brothers. During the past year, eight Crosier priests have been ordained in Congo. Three more in Indonesia. Fr. Alex was ordained last year here in the United States. We are blessed with young men answering the Lord’s call to take up the banner of the Holy Cross as Crosiers. 
We need your prayers and your financial support. As you know, prayer is central to our lives as Crosiers. Daily we lift you and your intentions up to our generous and loving Lord in prayer. Five times each day, in Crosier communities around the world, you are remembered in prayer. And in a few weeks when we celebrate Holy Week, our Crosier superior in Rome, Master General Laurentius Tarpin, osc, will remember your intentions in prayer when he visits the Vatican to join Pope Francis for the Chrism Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. 
I invite you to send us your special Lenten intentions in the Comment Box of the donation page. Will you support in prayer and sacrifice the Crosiers who take up the banner of Christ’s Holy Cross? 
Our senior Crosiers, joined by our newly ordained Crosier priests and our seminarians, commit themselves, alongside all your Crosier priests and brothers and me, in thanking God for you and praying for you every day. 
May God give you joy and strength, light and salvation as we journey through life ever faithful to our Faith in all its wonder and mystery. 
Sincerely yours in the Holy Cross,
V. Rev. Thomas Enneking, osc
Conventual Prior
P.S. Along with this special gift, “A Way of the Cross,” I send you a pledge of daily prayer and remembrance in our daily community Masses. I ask for your daily prayers and for your sacrificial and generous financial support of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers. If you would like to give copies of the booklet to friends and loved ones, they are available in our online store for a nomimal suggested donation.


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