St. Odilia Guild


Dear Friend of the Crosiers,

St. Odilia quietly continues her active role in the lives of many people around the world. A humble virgin-martyr, she shares her victory in the Cross of Jesus with you and all who follow her example and ask for her powerful intercession.

I want you, too, to experience God’s healing grace...and St. Odilia’s powerful intercession. To bring you closer to St. Odilia and the power of her intercession, I extend a special invitation to you and welcome your enrollment in the St. Odilia Guild. 
As we begin our 64th year of ministry at the National Shrine of St. Odilia, I invite you to deepen your spiritual bond with the Crosier Fathers and Brothers by enrolling in the St. Odilia Guild. As a member, you directly support the Crosier ministries of the National Shrine. Your enrollment assists us in serving the Church as we proclaim the Gospel through our prayer and healing ministries.
Enrollment in the St. Odilia Guild is open to every Catholic and takes place annually in the fall of the year. Members of the Guild are faithful to the prayers and novenas in honor of St. Odilia and follow her example of living in Christ. When you enroll in the St. Odilia Guild, the Crosier Fathers and Brothers:
            • remember you in their daily prayers, Masses and good works
            • list your name on the St. Odilia Guild members board in the National Shrine
            • pray for your personal intentions
            • light a special candle in the National Shrine each month for your intentions
            • mail you our publication Crossview
            • send you an invitation to our annual Healing Mass in honor of St. Odilia
            • pray for you in a special way on your birthday

    Members of the St. Odilia Guild are committed to supporting the ministries of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers by making a gift of $35 or more during the enrollment period. Through the St. Odilia Guild, you support our spiritual, educational and outreach ministries. You bring gifts of hope and love to those we serve here in the United States and our Crosier mission work in Africa and Indonesia where we serve vulnerable children, single mothers and the elderly.

    I am grateful to you and to all those who support our ministries here at the National Shrine of St. Odilia. You make a powerful impact on Crosier Religious Life and ministry. I look forward to your enrollment in the St. Odilia Guild for 2016-17 and extend my deepest gratitude for your example of charity.

    Sincerely in Christ,

    V. Rev. Kermit M. Holl, osc
    Prior, Crosier Community of Onamia

    P.S.  Fall membership for the St. Odilia Guild runs until mid-August. Be sure to reply by August 17 so that we can enroll you before the first St. Odilia Guild novena begins on that day. Please be sure to include your birthday month and date in the Comment Box on the membership form. If you are enrolling more than one person, we ask that you include their name, birthday month and date as well.


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