Prayers to St. Joseph

St Joseph

Dear Crosier Friends, 

You have someone watching over you.
You and I have a heavenly protector, a foster father to watch over us and those we love. When did you last turn to him, Jesus’ foster father, St. Joseph? Just as our heavenly Father entrusted the care of His only begotten Son to Joseph, so too can we trust in his care and intercession.
Will you join with the Crosiers in beseeching St. Joseph during a week of prayer beginning March 13 and concluding on his Feast Day, March 19, 2019?
Please feel free to download the Seven Days of Prayer to St. Joseph. Will you pray with us? Together let us storm heaven, through the unique and powerful intercession of Jesus’ foster father. Let us seek his protection, strength and comfort for those in great need at this moment.
Over the centuries, our Catholic Church and tradition have entrusted much to St. Joseph’s care. In 1870, Blessed Pope Pius IX declared St. Joseph to be the Patron of the Universal Church.
Those were among the Church’s most troubling and dark times. And St. Joseph was her sure protector and shield. St, Joseph is the Patron of Workers, most especially carpenters. He is the protector of families, students and travelers and of adopted children and their parents. Few know St. Joseph is also the patron saint of Canada, our northern neighbor.
Especially poignant is that St. Joseph is the patron saint of the dying. Centuries of Catholics have prayed for the grace of a happy death through St. Joseph’s intercession. Although the Gospels do not tell us, we can imagine our dear St. Joseph being comforted by Mary, our Blessed Mother, and Jesus, his foster son.  
These are but a few reasons why our Catholic tradition has upheld St. Joseph for grateful veneration and for powerful intercession.
What intentions, needs or anxieties might you bring to St. Joseph during this week of prayer? Who in your family or circle of friends needs a special “foster father,” “patron saint,” “heavenly intercessor?” Are you standing in the need of prayer today? Let us pray together these Seven Days of Prayer to St. Joseph and give comfort and strength to one another.
The Crosier Fathers and Brothers seek to follow in the holy footsteps of St. Joseph through our vowed lives as religious servants of the Church and God’s people. We follow St. Joseph’s blessed example of fidelity, loyalty and commitment to the work our Lord has entrusted to us. 
Will you please be generous in support of the Crosiers, especially in honor of our foster father and heavenly patron, St. Joseph? Please also join with the Crosiers in praying for vocations to our centuries-old Gospel way of life. St. Joseph is also the patron saint of vocations! He beckons us to follow his foster Son and to deepen our love of and commitment to Jesus, the Christ.
I invite you to send us the intentions closest to your own heart that we might together lift them up in these special days of prayer. Please be sure to write your intentions in the Comment Box of the donation page—and use the Seven Days of Prayer booklet to pray with the Crosiers for all your intentions and loved ones.
And I ask you, if you are able, to please offer your generous financial assistance along with your prayers to support our Crosier Religious Life and our Gospel ministries, missions and apostolates. God bless you for your kindness.
Your brother in the Cross of Christ Jesus,
V. Rev. Thomas Enneking, osc
Conventual Prior
P.S. Please pray with us using the Seven Days of Prayer to St. Joseph booklet. I invite you to write your special prayer intentions in the Comment Box of the donation page by March 13, 2019. Please give from the heart in support of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers. 


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