Br. Jim Lewandowski, osc

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Why did you join the Crosiers? I joined the Crosiers because I found the community to be a small, intimate group of religious men dedicated to Christ and the Church.

What is it about the Crosiers that attracted you to join the community? I was attracted to the Crosiers' special charism of living community life, along with their spirit of hospitality and charity.

How do you find life and meaning in living your vocation as a Crosier? My vocation is nourished by daily community prayer and ministry. Service to the needy, particularly the immigrant, gives my religious life personal meaning and happiness.

My ministry: I serve as an immigrant advocate and as an accredited representative through the federal government. This allows me to provide legal consultation and referrals to those with immigration needs and concerns. I also direct and teach the citizenship preparation course sponsored by Crosier Village Ministries. This is a very important service, especially for those who need to prepare for their citizenship test and interview. There are other community ministries in which I am also involved. For example, I serve as the community's guest master.

Born and raised: Gilman, Minnesota

Home parish: Sts. Peter and Paul in Gilman, Minnesota

Hobbies and interests: I enjoy working on art projects, especially in the creation of religious icons. My favorite art is 17th-century Italian and Dutch paintings, mainly those of Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Reading, visiting art museums, and exercise are also some of my favorite activities.

Date of Profession: August 28, 1970

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