Fr. Greg Poser, osc

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Why did I join the Crosiers? I used to work summers at Crosier Seminary in Onamia to help pay for my education there. The summer between my two years of college, the Crosiers at Onamia had a great summer—they got along well with each other, they enjoyed the summer months together. That prompted me to apply for novitiate.

How do I find life and meaning in living my vocation as a Crosier? More than just having a Crosier identity, I live with a group of confreres and do my ministries in the name of our Crosier community. I live and work not just on my own strength and initiative, but in the strength and with the support that comes from being part of a community.

My ministry: My community ministries include participating in our prayer life, scheduling people for roles as presiders and lectors, scheduling daily Eucharist, and being a member of the community liturgy team. My external ministries include primarily working in the local cluster of parishes as an associate pastor, being a member of the diocesan ecumenical commission, working two or three weekend retreats in jails, and being a member of the board for that retreat program.

Born and raised: I grew up on a farm only 25 miles from Onamia, Minn. We only got to town (four miles away) for Sunday Mass followed by grocery shopping. I'm the oldest of seven, all still living.

Home parish: St. John Nepomuk, in Lastrup, Minn., where I was baptized, made first confession, and was confirmed. It neighbors one of the cluster parishes I now work in.

Hobbies and interests: Jail retreats have already been mentioned as one of my ministries, yet counts as an interest. I participate in the annual MS-TRAM (The Ride Across Minnesota), a five-day bicycle fundraiser for MS (a sister-in-law lives with MS), which takes place in July. I've also been scanning mission photos for the past ten years, so as to save them digitally - I've done about 50,000 so far, and there are still thousands to do

Date of Profession: Aug. 28, 1968
Date of Ordination: May 10,1975

Crosier Community of Onamia
P.O. Box 500
Onamia MN 56359-0500
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