Br. Jim Scher, osc

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Why did I join the Crosiers? My student counselor in high school suggested that I look at Crosier brotherhood. I did this and found that the possibility of living Crosier Religious Life was something that appealed to me and was something that I wanted to do with my life. 

How do I find life and meaning in living my vocation as a Crosier? Life as a Crosier brings many challenges daily which I do enjoy. I also like the freedom that my Crosier community gives me in working with and being among men in the various programs that I am involved in, such as faith sharing, working with fathers and sons, and working in men's ministries. The work with the Men’s Rite of Passage, (MROP) and Illuman give a lot of life and excitement of being with men from all over the world. This also gives me the opportunity to get out showing the Crosier name and who we are and how we work to bring healing with hope to those who are suffering. 
My ministry: There are several facets to my ministry for the Crosier Community. There are tasks in daily living including prayer, work details, and other jobs. I also do spiritual direction, working with men's ministries and other programs with boys, young men, and men.  Serving at the Reception desk two days a week give me a chance to visit with those who come to the office and answer the phones. I also enjoy cooking for the community in Phoenix, but because of physical limitations, I find it difficult to do these days. I am so very happy that I am involved in the Choir at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Mesa. I am still active in The Card Ministry, where I try to keep in touch with friends of the Community also with friends and families who are suffering from the loss of loved ones or who are recovering from illnesses.  
Born and raised: I was born on April 12, 1946 in Huntington, Indiana, and attended Catholic grade and high school. Growing up besides going to school and doing things that kids do, I cut lawns in the summer; I also delivered the local newspaper for several years. For several summers I worked as a short order cook at the Polar Bear Drive in Restaurant. In the jobs I had that the places I worked I met a lot of folks who have remained friends over the years.   
Home parish: St. Mary Catholic Church, Huntington, Indiana
Hobbies and interests: I enjoy photography, hiking in the mountains, just being in nature. I also send weekly cards to people who are shut-ins, need encouragement or are grieving the loss of someone dear.
Date of Profession: March 19, 1967
Crosier Community of Phoenix
P.O. Box 90428
Phoenix, AZ 85066-0428
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