Fr. Stephan Bauer, osc

Fr Stephan Baue

What does Crosier spirituality mean to you? In the midst of struggle and pain God offers life and transformation. When my father was dying of cancer, it was our Crosier spirituality that gave me hope that while my dad was dying God was there, offering him life in the midst of his pain. That is the glorious cross. Seeing my dad dying was very painful, but I knew and trusted that God was there lifting my dad up, so I was not devastated.
My ministry: I serve as a spiritual director for many people of all ages and ways of life, including some of our associates. I offer grief counseling through the Catholic Cemeteries of Phoenix. I help serve two small communities: Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery (a female Benedictine religious community) and the Neo-catechumenal Way (a catechetical movement of lay people). I also offer retreats and parish missions. Within the community I help prepare the various liturgical services we pray each day. I served as the director of our Crosier lay program, the Companions of the Holy Cross. I am the director of postulants and also with our vocation work (helping men discern Crosier Religious Life).
Born and raised: I was born in Stillwater, Minnesota, and raised in Anoka, Minnesota, until age 19. I am the 12th of 16 children. I have 4 sisters and 11 brothers. I have a twin sister, Stephanie (my parents were creative!).
Home parish: My home parish is St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Anoka. I celebrated my first Mass of Thanksgiving there on June 28, 1992, the day after my priesthood ordination.
Hobbies and interests: I enjoy playing guitar and singing liturgical and Christian music. I am known to have a good singing voice, so I am usually a cantor for our community’s liturgical celebrations. I am featured in our Crosier music CD, “Unum In Deum.” I also enjoy playing cards, mostly rummy games and cribbage. I especially enjoy hiking on South Mountain in Phoenix two to three times a day. I enjoy the reflection time, the sounds and smells of the desert, as well as seeing many lizards and rabbits and even a beautiful coyote.
Date of Profession: August 28, 1986 
Date of Ordination: June 27, 1992
Crosier Community of Phoenix
P.O. Box 90428
Phoenix, AZ 85066
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