Fr. Ernie Martello, osc

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Why did you join the Crosiers? I joined the Crosiers because I saw a community where the members prayed together daily and worked together on common projects, especially education at that time, and I wanted to live that way. I liked the habit.
How do you find life and meaning in living your vocation as a Crosier? I want to live for God alone. My daily striving as a Crosier is to live the life of the Lord Jesus Christ as God wills it for me among my Crosier brothers and as a priest of the Church. Of course, I often fail, and that's why I find meaning for my life, especially in personal prayer. It is there that I can examine my life and reflect on my thoughts and feelings trying to see what is of God and what is not, and then surrendering again to the mercy and love of God.
My ministry: I was a teacher of philosophy for 30 years in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana area; in the Crosier Seminary in Onamia; and at Holy Cross College in Mulo located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Currently, I offer pastoral assistance for parishes in Minnesota. During the summers, as part of the Mission Co-op program, I preach in parishes around the country for the life and ministry of the Crosiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. I completed my training in spiritual direction at the Hesychia Institute in Tucson, Arizona, and now I am a spiritual director. My card reads "May I listen to you and accompany you on your faith journey?" 
Born and raised: Cleveland, Ohio
Home parish: Olde St. Stephen's, Holy Family, and St. John Bosco in Cleveland, Ohio
Hobbies and interests: Reading, walking, watching movies
Date of Profession: August 23, 1963
Date of Ordination: May 31, 1970
Crosier Community of Onamia
P.O. Box 500
Onamia, MN 56359
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