Crosier Religious Life

Crosiers are vowed men living not as a monastic group or an apostolic congregation, but in the conventual family group whereby we live for God by combing contemplative Next Generation of Crosiers Jan2019routines and rhythms with a shared apostolic life. 

The route to God for a Crosier is the desire to imitate Christ through his union of mind and heart in community, through a mixed life of liturgical prayer and ministry, through the emphatic promise as a religious to say “yes” to God, through our membership in and service to the wider people of God, and, finally, by our engagement with the world. 
"First of all, and this is why you have entered community life, you must live with one purpose in the house of the Lord, and must have one heart and one mind in God” (Rule of Augustine, n. 3).
Our life, ministry, and prayer center on our community life. Because of our call to an Augustinian form of communal life, each member gives himself to the life and unity of the community while respecting each man for the unique person he is. Just like every Christian family, the Crosier religious community forms one part in the building up of the Church, the People of God.
Praying for vocationsPrayer is an essential expression and source of our life and work together. Fidelity to our calling requires each one of us and each community to persevere in prayer and in calling upon the name of the Lord.
As a community founded in faith, the Crosiers recognize that prayer is an essential expression and source of our life and work together. Crosiers gather five times a day to pray together as a community: in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. We live out the special Crosier vocation to foster the liturgy of the Church—both the liturgy of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours—by coming together regularly to pray.
The life of Christ is the first source of our inspiration for our apostolic activity. We hold ourselves in readiness to serve the Fr Nana Sujana osc offers Sacrament of Anointing of Sick webChurch, according to our means, wherever there is need.
Our whole life is given in service. We serve Jesus by serving our fellow men and women through our various ministries, and through our most immediate apostolate—our community life—we are called to assist our confreres in charity and unity, by our prayers, and through all of our daily activities. Crosiers actively minister to the needs of the Church and society, working in education, chaplain service, pastoral ministry, spiritual direction, campus ministry, jail ministry, immigration services, and elder care.
The Glorious Cross 
The Cross of Christ is a sign for us of his total service in love to all of humanity. We wish to see our fidelity to the Cross most especially in our dedication to fashioning a truly evangelical community and in our apostolic presence where human and religious needs call out to us.
Crosier formation is a continuing integration of the person into the fullness of life in Christ and into permanent commitment to the Order.