Is God calling YOU to be a brother or a priest?

Consider becoming a Crosier if Join Us Hands and Habit

  • You strive to bring hope to those who are suffering
  • You have a deep passion to follow Christ and be in fuller union with God. As a Crosier you will pursue this calling together with your Crosier brothers
  • You are looking for a life in a community of priests and brothers where you live for God alone by combining contemplative routines with a shared ministerial life. Crosiers live for God alone in their community life, an expression of their communion of Christ and each other as they share their lives and gifts with other Crosiers and the Church
  • You feel called to pray with other men who love the liturgy of the Church (Hours and Eucharist) and who are committed to common prayer
As a Crosier (a man of the Cross) you will witness this spirituality of the Cross to the world—a spirituality where all may know and share in the glory of Christ's paschal mystery, his death and resurrection.
Then consider Crosier Religious Life!  
Crosiers long to imitate Christ through the union of mind and heart in community and through a life of liturgical prayer and ministry. Together with other Crosiers, you will seek to announce the Good News amid our life together and in the world.