Information & Community Notifications

When a credible claim of sexual abuse of a minor involving a Crosier is established, the Crosier Fathers and Brothers immediately notify the appropriate officials and also alert the public through a Community Notification Statement on this website.

27-JAN-17 - Community Notification - Steven Henrich, osc

10-MAY-16 - Crosier priest placed on administrative leave - UPDATED 30-AUG-17: Crosier priest reinstated to public ministry following thorough investigation - An outside investigation concluded the claim of abuse against a minor by Fr. Greg Poser, osc, was unsubstantiated. Fr. Greg returned to active ministry Sept. 7, 2017, following Crosier policy and the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Minors and Young People. 

06-MARCH-14 - Crosiers disclose updated list of members involved in sexual abuse

27-JAN-14 - Community Notification - Fr. Timothy Conlon, osc

If anyone who has any information regarding instances of sexual abuse of a minor is strongly encouraged to report that information to the Victim Assistance Coordinator at 320-248-1563, Conventual Prior Thomas Enneking, osc, at 602-443-7100 or a member of the Crosier First Contact Team.