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Below is an exerpt from our latest edition of Crossview, our quarterly newsletter. Click here to read the entire Summer 2018 issue 

Parish missions fulfilling for Crosiers and participants alike

The Crosier Communities of Phoenix and Onamia (Minnesota) offer parish missions that are opportunities for parishes to experience, in a heightened and intense way, spiritual services, presentations and sacraments focusing on major themes of our faith from a Crosier perspective.
A parish mission provides an opportunity for healing, renewal and reconciliation. Crosier mission directors present a Gospel of unconditional love to move hearts and change lives. They emphasize love and mercy coupled with the availability for reconciliation and down-to-earth preaching and presentations.
The goal of a Crosier parish mission is to provide a positive experience of God, leading to personal and ongoing conversion in a community setting. Essential elements of a Crosier parish mission are presentations, reconciliation, fellowship, prayer, sacramental ritual and Scripture.
We invite you to read more about the Crosiers' parish mission ministry in this new issue of Crossview!  

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