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Fr. Jude Verley, osc, asks us to quiet our soul during Advent


Amid the busyness of preparing for Christmas and all of the details involved such as shopping, gift buying, parties, and so forth, the Church invites us to prepare spiritually for the birth of Christ!
Advent provides us a golden opportunity to get in touch with the spirit within us and to reflect upon the question, “Will Christ find a home in the crib of my heart?” As Mary, our model for the Advent season, prepared her heart and womb to welcome the Christ Child, so are we to do—if we take Advent seriously.
How does one begin to still one’s soul? It’s not easy! One suggestion is to make the times you come to church during Advent those of quiet and peace. Perhaps you might come earlier for Mass in order to quietly reflect upon God’s presence in your life and the place of Jesus as you live your baptismal life. It is difficult to put aside all that life demands of us. But if we are able—just for one hour a week—to focus on the spirit within, Advent can be a means of change, peace and inner joy.
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