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Below is an exerpt from our latest edition of Crossview, our quarterly newsletter. Click here to read the entire Summer 2019 issue.  

Crosiers called to excellence in stewardship today and for the future

At our conventual chapter last year, we learned about “Organizational Design,” a method used by organizations moving through a period of change and transition to assist them in letting their goals shape their decisions rather than simply letting fate take its course upon them. This is a proactive and positive approach toward the use of resources and gifts within an organization, taking these important assets into account and envisioning how they might best advance the long-term mission of the organization.
While confident that our continued Crosier life and service will be alive and vital in both of our priory sites of Onamia and Phoenix, we recognize that the size and abilities of these communities will, nonetheless, be changing simply because of demographics and the changing foci of religious life and ecclesial service. 
Enticed by this new concept of “designing a future,” I shared with my confreres my plans to establish an Organizational Design Team to help us to think through our vision for the future of Crosier Religious Life in the United States. Six confreres agreed to serve as members of this team.
They were tasked to recommend a Crosier “roadmap” as we move from 2019 toward 2029. The thought captured will help advise me and Crosier leadership regarding the decisions and choices we will make into the future; noting our future goals will help us take the steps we will need to get there.
We invite you to read more about the Crosiers' roadmap for the future in this new issue of Crossview!  


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