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Below is an exerpt from our latest edition of Crossview, our quarterly newsletter. Click here to read the entire Fall 2018 issue.  

Crosiers faithfully share Gospel of Christ Jesus through mission work

We Crosiers are so grateful to all those who support the life and work of the Crosiers. Your support is having a major impact on the lives of those we serve in Africa and beyond.
For example, a new and exciting project has recently been approved by the Crosier Order that will greatly benefit the Congolese people for generations to come. It is a project we call “The Dream.” This dream is to build a new Crosier K-12 Catholic school in Butembo that will serve 1,600 children, both elementary and high school students. We believe that all children deserve a quality school where they can thrive and become educated members of society. This new school will be staffed by Crosiers who are prepared to teach.
The cost of this new school will be $1 million, and we hope to announce the beginning of construction in 2020 when we Crosiers celebrate 100 years of our first missionary work in the Congo. We are confident that our many generous donors will help fulfill this dream. If you are interested in having a major impact on the people of Congo through this dream, please send your gift to Crosier Fathers and Brothers, P.O. Box 500, Onamia, MN 56359-0500 and note that your gift is for “The Dream.”
We invite you to read more about the Crosiers' work locally and throughout the world in this new issue of Crossview!  

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