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Fr. Alex Juguilon, osc, reminds us to consider the other side of Lent

There is another character to Lent that is often overlooked and even forgotten. This character was not taught to me in my Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) classes growing up. Did you know that the word Lent comes from the Old English word lencten which actually means spring¬time? So knowing that, what images of Lent come to mind—New life? Flowers blooming? Birth? It should not come as a surprise because the other character of Lent is baptism.
In his article, “Lenten Custom: Baptism is the Key,” Rev. Lawrence E. Mick elaborates on the history and development of our Lenten customs and how they are related to baptism. Penance, fasting and giving something up are common things we do during the Lenten season. But here is where we need to make a paradigm shift. We need to link these peni¬tential disciplines to baptism. Lent is fundamentally bap-tismal in its origins and its meaning. Why? Because prepara¬tion for baptism and for renewing baptismal commitment lies at the heart of Lent.
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