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Below is an exerpt from our latest edition of Crossview, our quarterly newsletter. Click here to read the entire Fall 2019 issue.  

Relationship with ancient Order of Malta helps expand Crosier ministries

The members of Malta were looking to deepen their spiritual lives; they sensed among the Crosiers a religious community of priests and brothers who could help them grow spiritually while developing fraternal bonds among the members of our two communities. We were invited to sing at their annual Christmas gathering and provide occasional spiritual conferences at their retreats and gatherings on first Fridays of the month. Since then our relationship has blossomed in so many ways!  
I was invited to join the members on their annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. It was then that I sensed the clarity and depth of their charism to care for the sick and the poor as an expression of their faith in Christ. This service is rooted in a life of community and prayer. Here we find such a strong bond and connection between our two religious Orders. I felt very much at home with the spirit and tone of these celebrations and was inspired by the passion, conviction and clarity of the members of Malta regarding their mission to serve.
Our relationship has also given birth to a wonderful partnership in jail ministry. The call had been extended for some time for all locations of the worldwide Order of Malta to be involved in prison and jail ministry. Since Fr. Jude Verley, osc, and I serve as chaplains in the county jails in Phoenix, we were happy to provide some guidance and formation for members of Malta to begin visits to the incarcerated. 
We are helping with other initiatives to expand Malta’s mission to serve the sick and the poor and we invite you to read more about them in this issue of Crossview! 

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