Br. Gus Schloesser, osc

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Why did you join the Crosiers? At the time, I was in the junior college program for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and didn't necessarily like what I was experiencing. In working with my spiritual director while exploring the possible Church-related vocations, he informed me that a vocation recruiter from the Crosiers would be visiting some time in the future and encouraged me to visit with him, which I did. I eventually made a visit to the Crosier Priory in Onamia, Minnesota, and liked what I saw: men serving in very distinctive ways. I felt at home during my visit and eventually opted to seek admittance to the community. I have no regrets about that decision.

What is it about the Crosiers that attracted you to join the community? As I've reflected on this core question over the years, I continue to respond with the same basic answer: I appreciated the brotherhood which I experienced upon my arrival for the postulancy program in Hastings, Nebraska. I also found the chanting of the Psalms at prayer interesting, as it was something I had not experienced in my life. Even though the prayer was in Latin, I experienced a sense of profound peace and oneness with the men at prayer. It is difficult to put into words, really, but that sense of community and prayer has stayed with me over the years that I've been a professed member. I've also found the members to be "regular guys," not stuffy or arrogant, which I had experienced in other situations. They were like me and I liked that.

How do you find life and meaning in living your vocation as a Crosier? I've found my vocation as a Crosier religious very fulfilling and lifegiving as I'm continually called to use the God-given gifts and talents that I've received. I've been richly blessed and when I'm able to use those gifts, then I am blessed by the recipients of my work, my ministry. Being able to have a regular rhythm of prayer is very beneficial as it keeps me grounded in my commitment to my brothers in community and, ultimately, to the Church. I wouldn't want it any other way.

My ministry: First and foremost, my ministry in Phoenix is building the fraternity that forms religious life. I serve in the Third Age ministry of our community, which includes working with all of us 50 years of age and older. Together we work a comprehensive program of body, mind, and spirit, which includes nursing services, personal care, and long-term care services. I also serve the community as the coordinator of food and housekeeping services, as well as special events and other community activities. I am privileged to be able to volunteer twice a week at Huger Mercy Living Center, an Alzheimer facility.

Born and raised: St. Joseph/Shakopee, Minnesota, and grew up in South St Paul, Minnesota.

Home parish: Holy Trinity in South St. Paul, Minnesota.

Hobbies and interests: I enjoy reading mystery novels and American and Crosier Order history. I especially enjoy cooking (Italian is my favorite) and experimenting with foods. I seem to have a bit of a green thumb, and working with plants, both green and flowering, is a great way for me to relax. I have a keen interest in working with people living with the disease of dementia/Alzheimer’s and the study of the disease.

Date of Profession: March 19, 1963

Crosier Community of Phoenix
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