Statement Regarding Notice of Lawsuit served on the Crosiers

04-MAY-2016 (Phoenix, Arizona) -- On May 2, the Crosiers received notice of a lawsuit alleging claims of sexual abuse of a minor against deceased Crosier Fr. Kenneth M. Opat, osc. The Crosiers are not aware of any other claims against Fr. Opat.   

Fr. Ken Opat, osc, had assignments to serve as a faculty member, registrar, vice-rector, school counselor and facilities director at the Crosier Seminary in Onamia, Minnesota (1969–86); as provincial treasurer in Minneapolis, Minnesota (1986–94); as superior at the Crosier Community of Anoka in Minnesota (1993–2000); and as director of the Central Minnesota TEC Program in Andover, Minnesota (1978–2008). He died April 6, 2011.
The Crosiers take any claim of abuse by any Crosier, staff person or volunteer associated with them seriously. They avow transparency and healing, and believe in the critically important need to protect the people they serve.
The Crosiers do not tolerate any forms of sexual abuse and have stringent policies and actions of accountability in place to prevent future abuse.
Anyone who wishes to report past abuse is encouraged to contact our Victim Assistance Line at 320-248-1563 or Prior Provincial Thomas Enneking, osc, at 602-443-7100. Other contact information may be found here


You may find further information about the Crosier Misconduct Policy and the ways in which the Crosiers are dealing with misconduct by its members, including the results of the separate investigation conducted by the Minnesota-based law firm Faegre-Benson in 2002, in the Safe Environment section of this website.