Crosier Statement - claim assertment

28-JUL-2015 (Phoenix, Arizona) -- We were recently notified of two individuals asserting claims in two lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of a minor: the first against Gerald Funcheon, Roger Vaughn and Wendell Mohs while they were Crosiers, and the second against Gerald Funcheon, Roman Fleischhacker, osc, (deceased) and Gabriel Guerrero, osc.

The Crosiers do not tolerate any forms of sexual misconduct, and are deeply sorry for any pain caused by a Crosier. We have stringent policies and actions of accountability in place to prevent future abuse. 

Wendell Mohs was a Crosier brother and was removed from work with minors. He left the Crosier Order in 1982.

Gerald Funcheon was a Crosier priest and permanently left the Order in 1987 to become a member of the Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana. He was removed from ecclesiastical ministry in 1993.

Roger Vaughn was a Crosier priest. He was removed from any public ministry as a priest in 2000. Shortly after that, Roger Vaughn permanently left the Crosier Order.

Gabriel Guerrero, osc, was removed from work with minors in 1990. He is retired and living under a safety plan.

Roman Fleischhacker, osc, was a Crosier brother and died in Sept. 2013.  The Crosiers received a Notice of Claim against Br. Roman in April 2015.

Anyone who wishes to report past abuse is encouraged to contact our Victim Assistance Line at 320-248-1563 or Prior Provincial Thomas Enneking, osc, at 602-443-7100. Other contact information may be found here.
You may find further information about the Crosier Misconduct Policy and the ways in which the Crosiers are dealing with misconduct by its members, including the results of the separate investigation conducted by the Minnesota-based law firm Faegre-Benson in 2002, in the Safe Environment section of this website.