Br. Daniel Hernández, osc, renews vows and commitment to Crosier Religious Life

 28-AUGUST-18 (Phoenix, Arizona) – When Br. Daniel Hernández, osc, professed his first vows to the Crosier Order in 2015, he was admittedly excited and a little nervous. Now, three years later and still excited, he confidently renewed his vows to Master General Laurentius Tarpin, osc, in the presence of his Crosier confreres, friends and some classmates from St. John’s Seminary. 

Br Daniel Hernandez osc renewal vowsThe ceremony took place Aug. 28 at Holy Cross Priory Church in Onamia, Minnesota. Br. Daniel stated, “I am feeling happy and calm because I have experienced a lot of personal growth within the community. I am moving forward to the next step with authenticity and confidence that I am doing what God is calling me to be—a Crosier.” 

“We are grateful to Br. Daniel for answering God’s call three years ago and continuing to answer it today,” said Conventual Prior Tom Enneking, osc. “His example calls all of us to listen to God’s voice and be willing to be led to the life that God has prepared for us.”

Br. Daniel said the presence of his international brothers from Indonesia, Congo and Europe, in addition to his American confreres, enriched the celebration because it reinforced the Crosier Order’s belief in being of one mind and one heart.

Fr. Alex Juguilon, osc, who was ordained to the priesthood in May, shared, “I am proud of Br. Daniel for the hard work and dedication he has shown to his formation. It has been a challenging road for him to leave his native country of Mexico to live in the United States, to learn a new language and to integrate his life experience and gifts into our Crosier culture. I am so happy by Br. Daniel’s willingness and commitment to his formative work in Crosier life and will continue to walk with him as his journey unfolds.”

Br. Daniel grew up in Tlxacala, Mexico, about two hours outside Mexico City, and learned about the Crosiers through their Spanish Facebook group “Vocaciones Cruzadas.”