Community Notification - Steven Henrich, osc

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This announcement was updated from its original relase Jan. 27, 2017 to reflect additional incidents of inappropriate touch of a minor by Steven Henrich, osc. Prior Provincial Tom Enneking, osc, was recently notified of the additional occurrences which took place in Minnesota, nearly 40 years ago.
Henrich was immediately removed from public ministry in January 2017 and can no long identify himself as a priest. He is on permanent restriction through the Crosier Program of Accountability and Care
(Phoenix, Arizona) — A member of the U.S. Crosier Province of St. Odilia, Steven Henrich, osc, notified his national superior of incidents of inappropriate touch of minors. The occurrences took place in the late 1970’s, nearly 40 years ago in Minnesota. The Crosiers have not been aware of any other incidents or received any reports involving Henrich.
He has served as the Order’s general econome in Rome since 2010. Upon notification of the incident, Crosier Prior Provincial Thomas Enneking, osc, immediately removed Henrich from public ministry as the contact that Henrich described was an act of sexual abuse of a minor. The Crosiers do not tolerate sexual abuse of any kind and have a strict reporting policy in place. The province is notifying appropriate officials.
Fr. Enneking conveyed deep sorrow for the victim and reiterated that the Crosier Order will do all that it can to protect anyone from sexual abuse and assist victims in their healing. Anyone aware of sexual abuse by a Crosier is asked to contact the Crosiers’ Victim Assistance Coordinator at 320-248-1563.